Музей "Ханче"

Разположен в центъра на село Чифлик и на 100 м. от Семеен хотел Чифлик Хилс, е историческа къща музей. Запазенa от 1876 г., когато българският революционер Тодор Каблешков, заедно с четата, е заловен и свален в тази хан, където са държани 2 нощи, преди да бъдат преместени в ловешкия затвор, за да бъдат екзекутирани. Интериорът на къщата е забележително запазен, показващ традиционния стил на живот за периода.

Admission is free. Everyone is welcome to visit him and learn a little more about our history. 

Troyan monastery

The monastery, which is the third largest in Bulgaria, is picturesquely situated on the banks of the Cherni Osam River near the village of Oreshak, 10 km from Troyan. It was founded around 1600 (Abbot Callistratus), probably before that. Legend has it that monks from Mount Athos went to Wallachia with the sanctuary of the monastery - the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Troeruchitsa, which is a copy of the old miraculous icon in the Hilendar Monastery (XIV century). 

The arch of freedom

Близо до Троянския проход се намира паметникът „Арка на свободата” – на връх Горалтепе (1595 м), разположен на 15 минути източно от най-високата точка на прохода Беклемето. Паметникът представлява масивна конструкция от бетон с височина 35 метра.

Арката е посветена на „Руските и съветските освободители“. Към южната страна на билото има тесен асфалтов път. Паметникът е на място, от което на север са долините на Бели Осъм и Троян, а на юг се разкрива гледка към Средна гора, Родопите и Рила планина. В другите две посоки – на изток и на запад – можете да видите най-известните върхове на Стара планина, включително най-високия връх Ботев.

"On the way to edelweiss"

Immediately at the end of the village of Chiflik passes the eco-trail "On the way to the edelweiss", which leads to the reserve "Central Balkans". This walking route is from 870 to 1600 m above sea level.

There are several routes with varying difficulty for different opportunities for tourists to reach this exceptional place. Near the hut Haidushka Pesen is the place where Todor Kableshkov was captured. 

Museum of Natural History

One of the most attractive sights in Cherni Osam is the Natural History Museum. It was founded in 1956 by the local biology teacher Iliya Hristov and his students. In 1977 the collection was moved to a specially adapted building, which in 1992 acquired the status of a natural history museum.

The spirit of Central Stara Planina is captured in the three halls of the museum. There are more than 700 stuffed animals inhabiting the forests, peaks and rivers of the mountain. The most fun is the attraction hall. Contains various mammals and birds, predators and herbivores. As visitors walk past the exhibits, they can hear the sounds and songs of every mammal, reptile and bird. 

Ski slopes

About 20 km. from the village of Chiflik, before the passage of the Troyan - Karnare pass, on the side of the Troyan part of the mountain, is the resort village of Beklemeto. There are comfortable mountain terrains for winter and summer hikes, to the west to Kozia stena, Haidushka pesen, Echo and Vezhen peak. To the Mother of God Troeruchitsa, which is a copy of the old miraculous icon in the Hilendar Monastery (XIV century).

Numerous opportunities for hiking trails and ski slopes make this area an attractive tourist center in all seasons of the year. The best biathlon and cross-country ski track, approved by the international biathlon and cross-country skiing organizations with a length of 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 km, is located in Beklemeto. The three tracks with a total length of about 2 km. have lifts and meet the standards for alpine skiing, there is also a topographic map for summer ski orienteering with a route of 120 km.