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Family Hotel Chiflik Hills & SPA

Located in the quiet center of the village of Chiflik and 15 km from the town of Troyan,  Family hotel Chiflik Hills  will surprise you with quality, elegance and comfort, and the combination of the traditional style of the old Bulgarian house with modern amenities gives a unique coziness. From the balcony of each of the rooms reveals a wonderful view of the surrounding slopes, which enchant with their beauty in every season.

Here you can relax from the busy everyday life and indulge in complete relaxation.



For your convenience we offer ...

Warm pool

The family hotel Chiflik Hills & SPA has an outdoor heated pool and a children’s pool, which are open from May to October. Crystal clear water and its temperature of 32 degrees are a guarantee for a complete and memorable vacation!

Sauna & Steam Bath

The sauna is a place to relax and strengthen health. The steam bath, on the other hand, is a wonderful way to detoxify your body. The steam opens the pores and increases the body's ability to expel toxins through the skin.

Massages & Relaxation area

It's good to take time for yourself. Restore your vitality and energy under the care of specialists and give bliss to your senses in a relaxing atmosphere. Relax in style and forget about stress and busy everyday life.


You may be wondering…

"What can you do in the village of Chiflik and the surrounding area?"

That is why we have gathered for you some of the most important sights!

Troyan monastery

The monastery, which is the third largest in Bulgaria, is picturesquely situated on the banks of the Cherni Osam River near the village of Oreshak, 10 km from Troyan. It was founded around 1600 (Abbot Callistratus), probably before that. Legend has it that monks from Mount Athos went to Wallachia with the sanctuary of the monastery - the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Troeruchitsa, which is a copy of the old miraculous icon in the Hilendar Monastery (XIV century).

Natural History Museum and Hanche Museum

One of the most attractive sights in Cherni Osam is the Natural History Museum. The spirit of Central Stara Planina is captured in the three halls of the museum. There are more than 700 stuffed animals inhabiting the forests, peaks and rivers of the mountain. Also in the center of the village of Chiflik and 100 meters from the Family Hotel Chiflik Hills, there is a historical house museum.

The arch of freedom

Near the Troyan Pass is the monument "Arch of Freedom" - on Mount Goraltepe (1595 m), located 15 minutes east of the highest point of the pass Beklemeto. The monument is in a place where the valleys of Beli Osam and Troyan are to the north, and to the south there is a view of Sredna Gora, the Rhodopes and Rila Mountain. Immediately at the end of the village of Chiflik passes the eco-trail "On the way to the edelweiss", which leads to the reserve "Central Balkans".

Bar & Restaurant

Our spring offer

green salad with egg

/ lettuce, cucumbers, green onions, radishes, egg and olives /
5,20 BGN

Whole pork shank

/ with the vegetable marinade, so tender that it even melts in your mouth /
BGN 18,90 / per kg.

"Kazan dibi"

/ caramelized egg-milk pudding /
4.50 BGN